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    2. CN/EN

      Marketing services

      Marketing services After-sale service

      Regulate design, manufacturing, installation and sales service of our product strictly according to the international quality system certification standard. Provide our customers with best equipment configuration plan and product of first class quality wholeheartedly with our sincerity, enthusiasm, persistence and pursuit.

      I. Service purpose: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and complete

      II. Service objective: to win customer satisfaction by our service quality

      III. Service efficiency: in case of equipment failure within or after the warranty period, the supplier shall reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice for repairing. If the problem cannot be solved via phone, we will arrange maintenance personnel or engineer to perform repairing service on site within 72 hours.

      IV. Service principles: the product warranty period is twelve months. During the warranty period, we promise to provide maintenance for free due to the quality problem of the machine tool; we will also provide free maintenance service after the warranty period with certain cost of the accessories charged.

      Paid service is required in case of the following condition within the warranty period:

      ① Damage to due human factor or irresistible natural phenomena;

      ② Failure or damage due to improper operation;

      ③ Failure or damage due to reconstruction, decomposition or assembly without permission from the manufacturer.

      V. Service procedure: 1, visit; 2, repair; 3, change; 4, replace; 5, return

      Company headquarters contact information

      Address:No. 189, Linghu Avenue, Wuxi
      Tel: (0510)85802978
      Fax: (0510)85807314
      Post code: 214161
      E-mail: gsb@xiji.com.cn

      Technical service department

      Centerless Grinder Division

      Zou Hao: 13912376091
      E-mail: zh@xiji.com.cn

      Inner Round Grinder Division

      Guo Zhongwei: 13665153971
      E-mail: gzw@xiji.com.cn

      Roll Grinding Machine Division

      Han Yongwang: 15951561554
      E-mail: hyw@xiji.com.cn

      How to get here

      - 788-2 get off at Datong Road (Linghu Avenue) Sation

      - 118 Get off at Gaokai Road Station and go forward for 800m

      - 113 Get off at Gaokai Road Station and go forward for 800m

      - Take subway line 1 and get off at Nanhu Avenue, and go forward for 1200m

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