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      Getting to know Wuxi Machine Tools Co., Ltd. (XIJI) Enterprise introduction

      Wuxi Machine Tools Co., Ltd. (Wuxi Machine Tool Factory) is one of the 520 national key enterprises and is the national high-tech enterprise. Its predecessor is the "Kaiyuan Machine Factory" which was established by the Chinese famous business industrialist, Mr. Rong Desheng, in year 1948. Our enterprise has nearly 70 years of history in machine tool manufacturing, which is among the "eighteen Rohans" in machine tool industry in the initial period of the PRC. Now our enterprise is the professional manufacturing base in China for centerless grinding machine, internal grinding machine, bearing grinding machine, roll grinding machine and high-speed motorized spindle, etc. We are also the unit to formulate related national standards and industrial standards of the grinding machine industry.

      In 1991, the factory was named as national first level enterprise

      In 1995, the company was among the first batches to pass ISO 9001 Quality system certification

      In 2001, the company was identified as national high-tech enterprise

      In 2003, the company was awarded as "contract binding and promise keeping enterprise" by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province

      In 2007, the Company passed ISO10012:2003 measurement management system certification

      The company has many European and American high accuracy equipment, complete measuring and test equipment and advanced CAD / CAPP / CAM / PDM / ERP network systems. We also have design, development and manufacturing ability of various special tooling machine, numerical control grinding machine and large-sized machine tool. The product technology represents the national level. The annual products supplied are up to over 300 categories, which serve many national industries and fields, including energy, automobile, bearing, textile machine, electronics, light industry and railway, etc. The products of our enterprise have been sold to over 20 countries and areas in Europe, America and Asia.

      The "XIJI brand" machine tool has been successively honored as "most competitive brand in the market" and "Chinese famous brand", the "XIJI brand" grinding machine of centerless series is defined as National Inspection Exemption Product.

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